Well, today’s motorcycle come with very high reliability which may leave you with no clue, how to maintain or repair it. But even your best motorcycle need some basic maintenance for safety and good performance.



Here is 5 basic tips to maintain your motorcycle:

  1. Breaks:Make sure your bike’s brake fluid reservoirs are checked regularly. To increase performance of the breaks, you can install new braided steel brake lines instead of the stock ones.
  2. Tires: Keep your tires correctly inflated and check the pressure regularly. Get a pencil-type tire gauge and use it regularly until you instinctively ‘know’ what your tires feel like when correctly inflated.
  3. Final Drive: what transfers the power from the transmission to the rear wheel is essential to the well being of your bike and can be very expensive if not maintain properly.

    bike maintenance and repair

    bike maintenance and repair

  4. Oil: Change your oil every 10k miles. Clean fresh oil makes the engine last for a long time. Check and keep your oil level close to maximum level all the time.
  5. Battery: about once a month, make sure the battery is charged to 100%. A motorcycle battery will loose 1% of its charge even if the bike just stands in your garage.

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Just with few tools and basic mechanical proficiency, you can change your motorcycle rims.

Follow these simple tools and get your rims changed:

  • Deflate the tire on the wheel that holds the rim you want to change. When the tires are inflated, there is no empty space between the rim and the surface of the tire.
  • Use your socket set to loosen and remove any fasteners that physically attach the rim to your motorcycle wheel. Make sure you don’t lose any pieces as you work.
  • Place the new rim on the wheel. Depending on the size and style of the rim, there may be overlap between the rim and the tire. If there is, you may have to adjust the tire, so that it rests over or beneath the surface of the rim.
  • Fasten the new rim onto the wheel using your socket set if it requires any additional securing.

Remember that it probably won’t cost more than an hour’s labor to have your rims changed by a professional if you’re unsure whether or not you’re up to the task.

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Motorcycle Parking

For parallel parking at a curb, back into the curb so that your rear tire is touching the curb. If the street is on a hill, you may have to use a rather extreme angle to get your bike stable on the side stand. In most cities, there’s an ordinance that says your motorcycle has to have one tire touching the curb to be legally parked. If you drive in and park with your front wheel touching, you’re going to have to back your motorcycle out of the space up hill, as almost all streets are crowned. If you have a large heavy bike like a Harley, you’re only going to make this mistake once.

* If you’re using your side stand, turn the handlebars to the left for added stability.
* Lock your forks for security.
* Leave the motorcycle in first gear for extra stability, particularly if on a hill.
* Park in a clean well-lighted public place.
* Use non-branded motorcycle covers – no sense advertising your $$$ bike.
* Use a high-quality lock and chain; secure it through the frame instead of the wheels, and run the other end around something very tall and heavy, like a tree or a street light.
* The feet on side and center stands can sink onto soft surfaces like hot asphalt or sand causing your motorcycle to tip over. If this is a concern, put something under the stand like a crushed aluminum can or a flat rock.

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