6adjustAlong with oil changes and tire maintenance, the motorcycle chain is a crucial part of safe riding. Very few motorcycle riders pay attention to their motorcycle chains. The chain is a vital mechanical part of the motorcycle and requires proper care because its function is crucial for the smooth performance. The motorcycle chain is responsible for the crucial task of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel; thus its maintenance is equally important. It takes a little time to inspect, lubricate, and adjust a Motorcycle Chain.

Here are a few tips on how to inspect, lubricate, and adjust your motorcycle chain:

  • Grasp the chain at a point halfway between the front and rear sprockets, and pull it up and down.
  • The chain should be able to move roughly one inch up and one inch down.
  • It’s important to roll the bike forward and check all sections of the chain, because motorcycle chains can stiffen in certain spots and stay flexible in others, .
  • If it moves more than about an inch, the chain will need tightening, and if it’s too tight, loosening will be in order.
  • If individual chain links are too tight, the chain might need to be replaced.

About chain lubrication: First things first, clean the chain using kerosene, Some recommend using a degreaser or even soap and water. If you are really in a rush, rotate the rear wheel and clean small sections of the chain by spraying the cleaner you are using.

After you are done with the initial chain cleaning, take a few sheets of paper towels and wipe down the chain, then re-clean any sections that are still dirty. Then apply the chain lubricant by rotating the rear wheel so that the lubricant is uniformly applied to the chain. There are many different types of chain lubricants available in the market. Choose the best for your motorcycle chain.

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