Most of the Motorcycle Enthusiasts like to go away on a long ride or a long road trip. Invariably such a trip requires lots of planning and preparation

Let us make a list of things to be done before your motorcycle adventure begins:
1. Road map in folds or an mobile with Internet connected will be helpful for navigation.

2. Motorcycle Tool bag or a kit with simple tools cable ties, screwdrivers, pliers, a couple of standard size wrenches, and a repair manual may save the day in case of a problem.
3. Extra Pair of clothes and a rain coat on top for emergency can save lot of trouble.
4. Light Snacks for the road like road-nuts, dried fruit, power bars, granola bars, water, and a couple candy bars would be enough to satisfy the sudden hunger pangs if you are away from motels.
5. A couple of essential items you need personally could be included on your list.

Packing the luggage on the motorcycle in a well balanced way will save a lot of energy and provide much needed safety for a well-balanced, relaxing ride to enjoy the wonderful trip on the road.

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There are different types of motorcycles out here which  comes in different styles and design giving different performance. Check out the different types of bikes offering different riding experience.

Traditional: The standard bikes which have the traditional look and offers all purpose use.

Street bikes: sports bikeThese bikes comes with all necessary equipment to be street ready. They have light mirror, horns, muffler

Naked Bikes: These bikes offers performance of sportsbike but are stripped of unnecessary bodywork.

Sportsbike: Designed to handle high speed in winding road.

Offroad bikes: These are designed to handle all jumps, bumps and obstacles found on the road.

Dual purpose: These are just combination of street and sports bike.

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light weight battery

Get a adventures ride in your motorcycles using Braille’s light weight racing battery. Its a great option for those heavy vintage motorcycles, since you can shed off some weight from the vehicle using these light weight batteries.

These batteries are the ultimate way to make your vehicle lighter . And these are designed for daily and race use applications as well.

It not only improve performance but yet at the same time enhance the appearance of your motorcycle.

This would be an excellent option for all those who need durability as well as light weight batteries in there motor cycles.

If you want to get an light weight racing battery and if you are searching for perfect accessory for your harley, chopper, ATP or other power motor sports motorcycle then visit us.

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