Harley classic motorcycle exhaust section contains genuine Superior Exhaust’s. Superior is a company that has been in existence since the 1930’s. These Exhaust’s & Exhaust Sets fit vintage Harley Panhead, Knucklehead, choppers, Bobbers, classic antiques, & antique Harley’s. Most of the Superior Surplus is NOS, although some of it has been reproduced off of the original molds. In the motorcycle industry this is referred to as service contract parts. These Superior Exhausts are still considered genuine to the Superior line.

Superior Exhaust

Superior Exhaust

Exhaust Pipe:
Need help for finding the perfect motorcycle exhaust pipe for your custom dream motorcycle? Superiormcsupply is always ready to help you. Exhaust pipe system is not only important from functionality prospective but also give cool & stylish look to your motorcycle. And another major factor is sound. So we suggest you to select Superior branded Exhaust pipe which can definitely fulfill your all requirements. Basic Quality Feature is-all Original NOS Superior Parts are Chrome Plated. Which ensures the durability of exhaust pipes. Superior Exhaust pipe are available in various types. Select the perfect one which is fully suitable for dream bike.

Exhaust Kit:
If you are crazy about bike cool sound and style statement then check out for Superior Exhaust kit set. If you want to bolt the most popular branded exhaust as well as you are a variety seeker then no need to move further. We can fulfill your needs with Superior Exhaust kit set that is very well known for high quality chrome. The complete Exhaust kit of Panhead & Knucklehead contains-Front Pipe, Rear Pipe, Squish Pipe, Y-Pipe, Chrome Plated Complete Exhaust Pipe Set less Muffler, Fits 1948-1965. Only Superior exhaust kit can give stunning looks to your bike!

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Motorcycle Exhaust System

A exhaust system is one of the most important parts of any motorcycles. The motorcycle exhaust systems have ability to change the look, feel and performance of your custom motorcycle.

The fumes coming straight out of the engine are lead away by motorcycle exhaust systems. Variety of designs & shapes in exhaust systems available to choose from and this is the most common modification can be done on any motorcycle, no matter if it’s a sport bike or a cruiser. Placement of exhaust system has a lot to do with the acceleration of the motorcycles. Most custom motorcycle are outfitted with a motorcycle exhaust system to make sure of optimum speed and power.

Motorcycle exhausts system perform different jobs like :
* It export fumes away from the motorcycle
* Improve performance & acceleration
* Adjust the sound
* Regulate the emissions

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custom motorcycle exhaust

In most of the motorcycle exhaust system is visible to the world and many of riders like to use chrome plated as a display feature. After market motorcycle exhaust systems may be made from titanium, aluminum, kevlar, carbon fiber or steel. Motorcycle custom exhausts come in many varieties, depending on the intended use & type of engine.

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Function of Motorcycle  Mufflers-

Motorcycle mufflers are made to route exhaust gases away from the engine and to capture some of the harmful toxins in the gases before they are expelled into the environment.

Motorcycle mufflers help regulate engine noise. Some are made to create specific sounds indicative to certain motorcycle makes.

Depending on the type of motorcycle and the size of engine, mufflers come in several designs. The right motorcycle exhaust systems can completely change the look and performance of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle mufflers are the most common modification done on any motorcycle, no matter if it’s a sport bike or a cruiser. Mufflers are made of several types of material, such as steel, titanium and aluminum. Most have chrome finishes.

To know more about Motorcycle Mufflers click here..

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