In a motorcycle the vast majority of stopping force is provided by the front brake. Early motorcyclists use to avoid using the front brake, fearing that they would be thrown over the handlebars.

Nowadays motorcycles have incredibly powerful braking systems, and they seem to be getting better and better all the time.

A Springer Brake Caliper is the key part in functioning these brake system’s.Even if you are using a old motorcycle it has become very easy to upgrade your brake system by changing the brake calipers. Then it comes to taking care of your brake caliper.

Cleaning and maintaining your braking system and the brake caliper is the most important part of your motorcycle maintenance. Even if you’ve been diligently replacing brake fluid every year or two, there will come a time when you’ll need to disassemble the calipers for cleaning.

  • Caliper overhaul includes replacing the dust and piston seals, and therefore requires complete disassembly.
  • Remove the calipers from the fork legs and disconnect the brake lines.
  • Remove the brake pads. Remove the old seals, before you do anything else, spray the inside of the caliper around the pistons with brake cleaner.
  • Blow the caliper dry with compressed air.
  • Next, check the pistons’ condition. They should be smooth and clean.
  • Any surface corrosion should be removed with brake cleaner.
  • Clean the pistons again and set them aside.
  • Prepare the new seals with a light coat of fresh brake fluid, then gently insert them into the grooves.
  • Clean everything one more time before you replace the pads and reinstall the calipers on the motorcycle.

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