While thinking of buying a bike its hard not to think of Harley Davidson. Mostly every bike enthusiast has a Harley Davidson on Top of his wish list.
But Do you get what you pay for?
I was wondering if Harley’s are worth the difference in price, or do we just pay for the name?
Though buying name is not cool enough a reason, to pay such a huge amount.
More reasons clear my doubts, like

* Motorcycles come in many different styles and it is important to match the bike to your riding style and expectations.
* Harley Davidson is known more for their cruiser and custom style bikes than for sport bikes, even though the Sportster falls under the sport bike category to some degree.
* The riding style is important since this will directly effect the riding experience.
* If taking long road trips then buying a sport bike isn’t the best choice.
* Avoid making the mistake of buying a motorcycle that is beyond the riding ability.
* Buying a motorcycle that is too big or advanced will either end up as a discouraged rider or worse to an injury.
* while selecting a motorcycle look for skill, maneuver and managing ability of the rider.
* Harley manufactures good bikes and their parts are also easy available.
* A “true” cruiser created by America with a history behind it.
* A good point for American Patriots and all the profits to stay in America too.
Though you pay a bit more its joy and pride is every bit worth Harley Davidson bike.

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Harley-Davidson to sell motorcycles in India in 2010, Lets hope economic growth will help the sales to speed up.

Harley-Davidson Inc. says it will begin selling its motorcycles next year in India in the company’s latest push into developing markets overseas.

Harley says it has established a subsidiary near Delhi and has begun scouting for dealers. The Milwaukee-based company is hoping its high-end, heavyweight bikes will compete with the well-established, smaller two-wheelers that dominate the huge Indian bike market.

The company says India’s rapidly growing economy, rising middle class and expanded highway construction have opened the market to leisure motorcycle enthusiasts.

The move marks Harley’s latest push into developing markets overseas, where it hopes rising incomes and the company’s strong brand will help offset flagging sales at home.

For More information Click HERE.

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The iconic US cult bike maker Harley Davidson is set to enter Indian Markets Today – 28th August 2009.
* Sales will begin by 2010 so the company is looking for local dealer partners who share the passion and commitment to building the customer relationship.
* As we know the Harley brand of motorcycles are world class with its price in multiples of lakhs added to it the import duty.
* Indian economy is rapidly developing and physical infrastructure improving, so it is the right time to bring home the world’s greatest motorcycles to one of the world’s largest motorcycling nations.
* so all us let us start the count down for the launch today and look out for the models and price list on Harley Davidson India website.
* The global leader in cruising and touring motorcycles is ranked as one of the strongest brands in the world and the motorcycle sales now in more than 70 countries.

For More Information Click HERE.

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The next generation is more interested in motorcycle than four wheeler vehicles.

* Motorcycle is an adventurous and stylish vehicle making it easy for transportation too.

* Many famous companies like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Harley Davidson produce good quality motorcycles.

* These companies have introduced various models of different motorcycles.

* We can see a huge variety of motorcycles that are available in the market within different colors and designs.

* When we purchases a motorcycle, naturally we are very conscious about the protection of the bike.

* Motorcycle covers are the best solution for the protection of the bike.
* A cover protects your bike from several damages.
* It protects your bike from dust and water.
* It helps you to maintain the shine of your bike.
* Motorcycle covers are very important for the protection of the bike.

We should not compromise on the quality of the motorcycle cover since if it is cheap it will not protect the bike properly.

Many reliable websites supply good quality motorcycle parts, in different designs, color and sizes. For More Information on Motorcycle Parts Click HERE.

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One of the main aim of any motorcycle rider is ultimate comfort while riding the bike. So matter of interest of many riders is height of the seat. It will let them feel a more convenient and relaxed riding with the confidence.The right motorcycle seat would not only make your motorcycle look better but function better.


image Credits: Harley-davidson.com

There are diffrent kind of motorcycle seats available in market. Most of the seats are made up from high quality leather. In most of the cases, leather motorcycle seat cover is being chosen because leather motorcycle seats are the most durable, comfortable and affordable ones available. Most of the new riders do not really understand that how bad the inbuild Harley Seat is until they would ride on a motorcycle that has an custome aftermarket seat. Thats why the custome bike seats would be made according to customers preference and specification.



Image Credits: SuperiorMcSupply.com

On the other hand, a motorcycle seat is a very important peace of riding equipment. A right motorcycle seat not only make your bike’s look better, as well as it will definitely make your riding experience a lot more memorable and enjoyable. A comfortable and good looking Harley Seat would definitely increase your riding pleasure.

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You see a guy driving a custom Harley in yellow and you say “WOW! What a bike.” Not only are you awed at the creativity but also wonder about the person who customized it.

Let me tell you that all the top custom bike builders live for one thing; building the best bikes they can.

And while building their dream bikes, they don’t follow any rules. Because by following rules, you can only build replicas and not unique bikes.

Unlike the early years, today we have videos, books and websites; all of whom help to flatten the learning curve for a novice. Most of the material out there relates to motorcycle kits, and for a beginner building a motorcycle kit is definitely the best way to go if you want to get real hands on experience.

Also, you don’t require a shop like the ones you see on television which costs thousands of dollars.

If you start with motorcycle kits that can be put together with some pretty basic tools, and have the desire to learn and not earn; you can have a lot of fun putting your motorcycle kit together.

And while you customize your motorcycle, remember:

  • Don’t follow the crowd. Just follow your dreams.
  • Just because an accessory fits doesn’t mean it looks right.
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