The Uno motorcycle is unlike anything you have ever seen before. According to the nytimes, A 19-year-old freshman, Ben Gulak is the inventor of Uno. This is an electric motorcycle that has two wheels side by side in the place of fore and aft and the motorcycle achieves balance using using a gyroscope and computer.


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The Gyroscope technology is similar like Segway, It balances on two wheels that present right next to each other. When you push your body weight forward, the Uno goes forward. In the same way it goes backward when rides push his body weight backward.

It is very simple to operate that there are no more controls in Uno except for an on-off switch. The gyroscope gives automatic instruction to the ECU how much to acceleration should be, and how much the proper amount of power is delivered to the Uno wheels through electric motors, one for each wheel.


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