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Everybody likes to save on and specially saving fuel is most favourite whether we are driving a two wheeler of a four wheeler. Below given are some useful tips on saving the fuel and increasing the efficiency of your vehicle.


1. Proper maintenance of the vehicle as prescribed by the manufacturer in the manual certainly adds up to the increased capacity and long road life of the vehicle.

2. Driving efficiently certainly adds power to our vehicle. When we slow down the fuel consumption is less as compared to when we move at a break neck speed.

3. Taking care of the tires and keeping them properly inflated will do half of the job as this will increase the tire life giving a proper support. Investing in a tire gauge and checking the tire pressure is best to do the job.

4. Keep off the extra unnecessary load off the car by emptying out the trunk and see your average increasing. the carrier adds extra weight and also increases the aerodynamic drag on the vehicle, which further contributes to a loss of fuel economy.

5. Keep a consistent constant speed of the vehicle and roll off comfortably without accelerating and causing tire friction saving a surprising amount of fuel. After accelerating when we pull the brakes instantly the fuel thrown out is totally wasted.

6. Now not a very accurate thing to say that do not drive, but we can carpool, share the vehicle and really save the environment too from heavy pollution of individual vehicles.

7. If driving at lower speed switch off the air conditioner, it might feel a little warmer but you will save on the fuel and when on high way driving at a consistent speed put on your air conditioner.

8. Evaluated and downsize the vehicle when possible so you can definitely save more fuel with smaller efficient vehicle.

9. Clean up the vehicle whenever possible so as to keep the engine free from pollutants and blocking free movement of vehicular parts.

10. Last but not least try to walk if moving in a walking distance, it saves you the reverse gear and switch on and off of the engine and burning fuel, and the short walk will keep you fit and healthy too.

Hope the tips help you and your vehicle .

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