When it comes to riding control and safety good brakes and effective braking is always a necessity. Here is some good information regarding effective braking compiled from our years of experience as well as other resources.

1. Braking is a learned skill and can become better with experience and judgment. One needs a certain amount of practice to be really effective in good bike ride and brake control.

2.Around 60 -80% of the speed reduction and stopping comes from the front brakes. Of course factors like road conditions etc also do matter. Front brake is important because the max weight is transferred on them when you suddenly apply the brake. This pushes the front wheel against the road and tire should grip well with the ground giving us the stoppage.

3.As the front wheel gets the most weight while breaking, the rear wheel tends to go light and hence can skid.So one needs to be careful about it. Do a little practice and one can manage to avoid the skid.

4.Try to apply brakes in a staged manner. Just applying both the brakes at the same time up to friction point really cannot get you best of the result out of the either of them.

5.Avoid applying the brake right up to the friction point to avert the front wheel lock. Concentrate a little and you will know when to release the brake just before the front wheel lock and simultaneously apply the rear wheel brake and 80% of the speed is reduced.

6.Use original and good quality branded spare parts to avoid malfunction.

At Superior Mc Supply we are committed to provide you all the tools tool kits and brake spares from brake pads ,spring brake calipers,drum brake rear wheel hub assembly for all type of bikes from Harley bobbers choppers etc to take care of the safety need of the rider.

THIS POST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY US AS A PART OF ONGOING MOTORCYCLE SAFETY MONTH. To know more about riding safety please see our cool flash visual presentation on riding safety. And as a part of your bit in spreading awareness please share this presentation with others too.

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