Motorcycle Cleaning kit

Whether you own a custom motorcycle or any sport bike, you want to keep your motorcycle away from commercial cleaning and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. Here are some tips that will help you clean your motorcycle faster, easier, and without damaging it.

If you’ve just come in from a ride then you must let the engine cool down before starting the cleaning. So give the engine and pipes time to cool down. While waiting for the motorcycle to cool, assemble the following items as needed:

* You may want a bucket for mixing solutions.
* A chamois cloth for drying
* Hand gloves
* A brush for wheel cleaning
* Two microfiber or 100% cotton sponges
* Bug and tar remover
* Degreaser or engine cleaner
* Soap or liquid detergent or automotive cleaners
* A variety of soft cotton towels

Follow Simple Checklist :
# Rinse the entire bike
# Check every little place that dirt can hide
# Use a wheel cleaner for wheel cleaning
# When drying, look for spots that water tends to pool
# Maintain your leather with the products your motorcycle maker recommends

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