I was searching for some information about “Springer Front End” on the web to create a PPT. I came across very useful information on the same which I want to share with you all.

brake caliper

Brake Calipers:

Brake Calipers are the parts of a disc brake system that holds the brake pad and presses it against the disc brake rotor when a vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed.

Brake calipers, which hold the brake pads, rubs against the spinning disc brake rotor, transforming the vehicle’s forward energy into friction and heat.

Calipers are made from different materials, which help absorb heat. Custom brake calipers are performance calipers, which upgrades a vehicle’s stopping power.

Brake Calipers are a vital part of your vehicle’s braking system and probably the most conspicuous of all of the motorcycle brake parts.

The appearance of a motorcycle caliper can be important to many riders. In fact, brake caliper paints are available fromĀ  auto stores and can be used to customize your motorcycle calipers.

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Brakes are the most important parts of any motorbike. Thats why Brake Pads are one of the component in your motorcycle that have to be checked every time. This is because they easily comes into pressure and temptation causes problems due to the heat they generate through friction. when this happens, you would have to immediately change them with new pads as driving with damaged brake pad is like waiting for unexpected accident.

But don’t worry, to replacement brake pad is not difficult task because it need not be done by professional mechanics an you can do this very easily. This will definitely save you from labor costs.

This video will guide you to easy replacement of old brake pad:

Video Credits: SuperSneakySteve

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