DNA Motorcycle Brakes
DNA has created some of the best Brake Parts in the Motorcycle Industry available for sale to the public. Sprockester is a very popular model for Harley Custom Motorcycles, Choppers & Bobber using a chain as final drive. Some of the parts are Brake Calipers, Sprockester, Brakester and Other Brake Accessories.

DNA Motorcycle Brakes

DNA Motorcycle Brakes

Brake Parts
DNA brake parts are development of advanced design brake systems to not only improve the overall performance of modern day motorbikes, but to provide an avenue to fine-tune those parameters as well. Quality brake parts like-Banjo Bolt,Bleeder Screw,Brake Replacement Pad Set (2Pcs), Brakester Heim Joint,and many more are required not only for empowerment of brake performance but also to ensure your safety. For ex. Why we need bleeding screw?-Bleeding brakes is something that should be done every two years or so to remove contaminated brake fluid. And for that we need bleeder screws. Similarly you need banjo bolt-As banjo bolt is a hollow bolt through which runs the brake fluid to your brake caliper. So,Avoid accidents, keep brake parts in proper place.

Brakester Assembly
The best brake units in the world of motorcycle has been created by DNA and it is available for sale. A Brakester is basically a Pulley brake combination with a belt for a drive. The combination of a caliper and sprocket allows you to show off your custom wheels from one side and can relieve you from hiding those designer wheels! The brakester also is available in different tooth configurations as well as choice of design being “Mesh or Super Spoke. DNA Brakesters come with different designs and types such as smooth, super spoke. These brakesters can gel easily with your DNA Billets Wheels. Super Spoke Brakesters gives a perfect look to your custom motorcycles. DNA provides the best brake units in the world of motorcycle which are now available for sale. If you are looking out for a quality Brakester and other custom motorcycle accessories then SuperiorMCSupply is the right place for you!

Brake Calipers
Great sale on Springer brake calipers! Stop taking the risk of having underpowered Brake Caliper. We have a master piece of Springer Brake Caliper Kit. High performance and safety in driving can be done when your motorcycle is geared with quality Springer Brake Caliper big brake kits. Brake calipers are crafted out of billet aluminum and are triple chrome plated for a show room finish. The best thing about all DNA Brake Calipers is that they perform even better than they look. The Springer front Brake Caliper is one of the best stopping calipers for a Springer front end. It uses a four piston setup as opposed to the two piston calipers most people run on stock and after market sprung front ends. If you are running a billet or wide glide style front end on your Harley or chopper than the four piston front caliper is a great deal for the money. It is a stylish and sleek, supplied with a mounting bracket, making it quick and easy to install on you custom ride. You can very well encash the sale opportunity on Springer brake caliper and avoid the risk of unpowered brake caliper.

Hot Sale offer on Sprockester-DNA unique custom parts are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. DNA Sprockester is a very popular model for Harley custom Motorcycles, Choppers, & Bobbers using a chain as final drive. The Sprockester Brake assembly is sold with your choice of a 48 or 51 tooth final drive Sprocket, in one of two very popular designs “Mesh or Super Spoke”. Mesh is very popular with spoke wheels because of it’s unique features-Chrome Plated,4-Piston Brake,84/99 and Most Custom Bikes with ¾” or 1” Axle Mounted . Super Spoke is the second best option and it is generally used with Fat spoke wheels and custom Billet Rims. The unique features of Super spoke Sprockester are-Show Chrome Plated,Fits Softail and Rigid Models,Sprocket included with And Weld-on Frame Tab. You can freely order Sprocket Brake units (Super spoke & Mesh) with either 48 or 51 teeth on the sprocket/rotor.

About DNA :
DNA Specialties is a proud manufacturer of Quality Aftermarket Parts and Accessories in the motorcycle Industry. These unique custom parts are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. Whether you are modifying a stock Harley or Building a full blown Custom chopper/bobber, here at DNA there is something for everyone.

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In a motorcycle the vast majority of stopping force is provided by the front brake. Early motorcyclists use to avoid using the front brake, fearing that they would be thrown over the handlebars.

Nowadays motorcycles have incredibly powerful braking systems, and they seem to be getting better and better all the time.

A Springer Brake Caliper is the key part in functioning these brake system’s.Even if you are using a old motorcycle it has become very easy to upgrade your brake system by changing the brake calipers. Then it comes to taking care of your brake caliper.

Cleaning and maintaining your braking system and the brake caliper is the most important part of your motorcycle maintenance. Even if you’ve been diligently replacing brake fluid every year or two, there will come a time when you’ll need to disassemble the calipers for cleaning.

  • Caliper overhaul includes replacing the dust and piston seals, and therefore requires complete disassembly.
  • Remove the calipers from the fork legs and disconnect the brake lines.
  • Remove the brake pads. Remove the old seals, before you do anything else, spray the inside of the caliper around the pistons with brake cleaner.
  • Blow the caliper dry with compressed air.
  • Next, check the pistons’ condition. They should be smooth and clean.
  • Any surface corrosion should be removed with brake cleaner.
  • Clean the pistons again and set them aside.
  • Prepare the new seals with a light coat of fresh brake fluid, then gently insert them into the grooves.
  • Clean everything one more time before you replace the pads and reinstall the calipers on the motorcycle.

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I was searching for some information about “Springer Front End” on the web to create a PPT. I came across very useful information on the same which I want to share with you all.

brake caliper

Brake Calipers:

Brake Calipers are the parts of a disc brake system that holds the brake pad and presses it against the disc brake rotor when a vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed.

Brake calipers, which hold the brake pads, rubs against the spinning disc brake rotor, transforming the vehicle’s forward energy into friction and heat.

Calipers are made from different materials, which help absorb heat. Custom brake calipers are performance calipers, which upgrades a vehicle’s stopping power.

Brake Calipers are a vital part of your vehicle’s braking system and probably the most conspicuous of all of the motorcycle brake parts.

The appearance of a motorcycle caliper can be important to many riders. In fact, brake caliper paints are available from  auto stores and can be used to customize your motorcycle calipers.

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Brake caliper is a very important part of your motorcycles braking system. Brake caliper manages the brake pads against the surface of the wheel rotor to stop or slowdown the motorcycle.

Motorcycle brake calipers might be smaller than the brake caliper on other automobiles, but they provide enough force of stopping power for the light weighted motorcycle. Light and effective brake calipers are designed for racing motorcycles.

Description Of Springer Brake Caliper:

The motorcycle brake caliper is same as a normal calipers but they specially design for bikes.The brake calipers are looks like U-shaped device having a single or more pistons on the both sides of the U. The brake pads are stay on top of the brake caliper’s piston and the rotor spins in between the channel of U-shape.


Working Of Springer Brake caliper:

Whenever we hit the brake, a high pressure hydraulic fluid applied on the brake pad which forces the piston in inword direction and this friction helps to stop your motorcycle.In simple words, it is a process done by brake caliper that squeeze against the rims to control the motorcycle’s speed.


When To Change Brake caliper:

when the wheel rotor do spin with hundreds of Rotation per minute, Huge amount of the heat is dissipated by the wheel rotor and Brake pads. but the brake caliper has to remain in such extreme condition.Due to this its the hydraulic brake fluid that leads to the demise of a brake caliper.

If its not changed Frequently, moisture in the fluid will begin to rust out the inside of your brake caliper, resulting in leaks and sticking pistons.In such case, the brake caliper will fail to do function properly. Significantly It will diminishing your motorcycles stopping ability.If you find such a problem, replace that brake caliper immediately with a new high-quality brake caliper.

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