Brake Calipers
Brake Calipers are the parts of a disc brake system that holds the brake pad and presses it against the disc brake rotor when a vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed. Brake calipers, which hold the brake pads, rubs against the spinning disc brake rotor, transforming the vehicle’s forward energy into friction and heat. Calipers are made from different materials, which help absorb heat. Custom brake calipers are performance calipers, which upgrades a vehicle’s stopping power. Brake Calipers are a vital part of your vehicle’s braking system and probably the most conspicuous of all of the motorcycle brake parts.

DNA Brake Caliper

DNA Brake Caliper

DNA Brake Calipers
DNA has created some of the best Brake Parts in the Motorcycle Industry available for sale to the public. DNA brake parts are development of advanced design brake systems to not only improve the overall performance of modern day motorbikes, but to provide an avenue to fine-tune those parameters as well. And a great sale is being offered now on Brake Calipers! Stop taking the risk of having underpowered Brake Caliper. We have a master piece of Springer Brake Caliper Kit. High performance and safety in driving can be done when your motorcycle is geared with quality Springer Brake Caliper big brake kits. Brake calipers are crafted out of billet aluminum and are triple chrome plated for a show room finish. The best thing about all DNA Brake Calipers is that they perform even better than they look. The Springer front Brake Caliper is one of the best stopping calipers for a Springer front end. It uses a four piston setup as opposed to the two piston calipers most people run on stock and after market sprung front ends. If you are running a billet or wide glide style front end on your Harley or chopper than the four piston front caliper is a great deal for the money. It is a stylish and sleek, supplied with a mounting bracket, making it quick and easy to install on you custom ride. You can very well encash the sale opportunity on Springer brake caliper and avoid the risk of underpowered brake caliper. Quality brake parts are required not only for empowerment of brake performance but also to ensure your safety. So, avoid accidents, keep brake parts in proper place.

Various DNA Brake Calipers available:
4 Piston Front Brake Caliper
4 Piston Rear Brake Caliper
Brake Caliper – 4 Piston W/Pads Only
Springer Brake Caliper Kit
Brakester Rear Caliper W/Pads

Paughco Complete Performance Machine Caliper Kit:
for Left-Side Applications
for Right-Side Applications
These caliper kits and components feature high-performance polished aluminum Performance Machine 125X2 calipers, and are intended for use with Paughco Springer.

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If you know how to change your brake calipers of your classic vintage motorcycle, it can save your time as well as your of money. Since these are an integral part of your brake system, so they even need to be handled well.



  • First of all the very needed step while changing or repairing brake of any motorcycle is that loosening the lug nuts of the tires and then removing it.
  • Remove the tires and keep them aside to work on the brake system properly.
  • Now locate the bolts that connects the brake caliper to the brake hose and remove these bolts. Locate the bolts attaching the wheel assembly and remove them.
  • Strip the brake caliper to be changed of its mounting components.This includes the rubber boots and the bolts and sliders of the original brake caliper. Examine these components to make sure they are not rusted, warped, torn or damaged in any way.
  • Apply lubricants to mounting components.



  • Compress the caliper piston.Replace the brake caliper on the end of the brake hose. Leave the connection loose.
  • Place brake pads on the new brake caliper, and then lubricate the caliper bolts and reattach the caliper to the wheel assembly.
  • Refill your brake fluid.Replace the tire and fasten the lug nuts onto the mounts. Head to the other side of the car and repeat the same process. Once you are done, test the brakes for yourself and then take the motorcycle for a very slow test drive.

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Brake caliper is a very important part of your motorcycles braking system. Brake caliper manages the brake pads against the surface of the wheel rotor to stop or slowdown the motorcycle.

Motorcycle brake calipers might be smaller than the brake caliper on other automobiles, but they provide enough force of stopping power for the light weighted motorcycle. Light and effective brake calipers are designed for racing motorcycles.

Description Of Springer Brake Caliper:

The motorcycle brake caliper is same as a normal calipers but they specially design for bikes.The brake calipers are looks like U-shaped device having a single or more pistons on the both sides of the U. The brake pads are stay on top of the brake caliper’s piston and the rotor spins in between the channel of U-shape.


Working Of Springer Brake caliper:

Whenever we hit the brake, a high pressure hydraulic fluid applied on the brake pad which forces the piston in inword direction and this friction helps to stop your motorcycle.In simple words, it is a process done by brake caliper that squeeze against the rims to control the motorcycle’s speed.


When To Change Brake caliper:

when the wheel rotor do spin with hundreds of Rotation per minute, Huge amount of the heat is dissipated by the wheel rotor and Brake pads. but the brake caliper has to remain in such extreme condition.Due to this its the hydraulic brake fluid that leads to the demise of a brake caliper.

If its not changed Frequently, moisture in the fluid will begin to rust out the inside of your brake caliper, resulting in leaks and sticking pistons.In such case, the brake caliper will fail to do function properly. Significantly It will diminishing your motorcycles stopping ability.If you find such a problem, replace that brake caliper immediately with a new high-quality brake caliper.

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