Motorcycle Cleaning kit

Whether you own a custom motorcycle or any sport bike, you want to keep your motorcycle away from commercial cleaning and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. Here are some tips that will help you clean your motorcycle faster, easier, and without damaging it.

If you’ve just come in from a ride then you must let the engine cool down before starting the cleaning. So give the engine and pipes time to cool down. While waiting for the motorcycle to cool, assemble the following items as needed:

* You may want a bucket for mixing solutions.
* A chamois cloth for drying
* Hand gloves
* A brush for wheel cleaning
* Two microfiber or 100% cotton sponges
* Bug and tar remover
* Degreaser or engine cleaner
* Soap or liquid detergent or automotive cleaners
* A variety of soft cotton towels

Follow Simple Checklist :
# Rinse the entire bike
# Check every little place that dirt can hide
# Use a wheel cleaner for wheel cleaning
# When drying, look for spots that water tends to pool
# Maintain your leather with the products your motorcycle maker recommends

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6adjustAlong with oil changes and tire maintenance, the motorcycle chain is a crucial part of safe riding. Very few motorcycle riders pay attention to their motorcycle chains. The chain is a vital mechanical part of the motorcycle and requires proper care because its function is crucial for the smooth performance. The motorcycle chain is responsible for the crucial task of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel; thus its maintenance is equally important. It takes a little time to inspect, lubricate, and adjust a Motorcycle Chain.

Here are a few tips on how to inspect, lubricate, and adjust your motorcycle chain:

  • Grasp the chain at a point halfway between the front and rear sprockets, and pull it up and down.
  • The chain should be able to move roughly one inch up and one inch down.
  • It’s important to roll the bike forward and check all sections of the chain, because motorcycle chains can stiffen in certain spots and stay flexible in others, .
  • If it moves more than about an inch, the chain will need tightening, and if it’s too tight, loosening will be in order.
  • If individual chain links are too tight, the chain might need to be replaced.

About chain lubrication: First things first, clean the chain using kerosene, Some recommend using a degreaser or even soap and water. If you are really in a rush, rotate the rear wheel and clean small sections of the chain by spraying the cleaner you are using.

After you are done with the initial chain cleaning, take a few sheets of paper towels and wipe down the chain, then re-clean any sections that are still dirty. Then apply the chain lubricant by rotating the rear wheel so that the lubricant is uniformly applied to the chain. There are many different types of chain lubricants available in the market. Choose the best for your motorcycle chain.

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Advice on how to store your motorcycle during winters so that it wakes up fresh next spring.

Lots of motorcycle shops make profit every spring from motorcycle owners, because they don’t take care while keeping their machines stored for the next season. Here are few tips on how to store your motorcycle during winter season so that it wakes up fresh next spring.

While you are completing these tasks, keep a to-do list so that you will be reminded before spring rolls around and it’s time to ride again.

1. Drain the Carburetor: The most important, and perhaps easiest, task to attend is to drain the fuel from the carburetor(s).For every motorcycle there will be different method to do so, just know it and get it done. But the best was is to run the motorcycle with the fuel knob turned off until the engine stops. Now it’s the sure that there is no fuel left in the carburetor.

2. Prevent Fuel-Tank Corrosion: During storage, unprotected fuel tanks rust, and when you start riding again, that rust finds its way into the carburetor. So the best way to prevent fuel tank from corrosion is to fill the fuel tank to its full capacity and add a fuel stabilizer to it.

3. Battery: A battery ignored all winter will usually die. The simplest way to ensure a happy off-season for your battery is to connect a Battery Minder or a Battery Tender to it. You don’t even need to remove it from the motorcycle unless it gets well below freezing where you store it or if your motorcycle has an electronic system which is constantly drain the battery.

4. Finish Care: Clean your motorcycle carefully before storing it. Dirt and dust hold moisture, that may lead to corrosive and will damage paint and metal. Apply wax to every painted part you can , fasteners and other small pieces can be coated with Vaseline. Exhaust pipes will rust out if moisture gather in them, so spraying something like Corrosion Proctectant

5. Coddle Your Engine: After the winter is over its better to drain the old oil — and the contaminants in it — now, before the acids and other evil compounds can work on your motorcycle engine. Take the motorcycle for a nice long ride in preparation, to get the oil hot, and drain it promptly upon your return. Change the filter, too.

6. Brakes: Brake fluid absorbs water, which is why it should be changed. This also applies to hydraulically operated clutches

7.Tires: Try to get your motorcycle blocked up off its wheels, which will prevent the tires from developing flat spots. A work stand is ideal for this. If you don’t get them off the floor, roll the motorcycle or rotate the tires every few weeks. Inflate the tires to or past their recommend maximum pressures.

8. Cover Up: Store your bike in a place that is dry and free of significant temperature swings. If you are storing your bike inside, use a breathable fabric cover, one that won’t trap moisture but still keeps dust off.

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Motorcycle Handlebar refers to the steering mechanism for motorcycles. Handlebars often support part of the rider’s weight, and provide a mounting place for controls such as brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, and rear view mirrors.

Motorcycle Hand Grips provides covering on your motorcycle handle bars. One piece of equipment that many riders barely think of, but use every time they mount the bike, is the handlebar grips.

If a grip is damaged or loose, it could spell disaster down the trail or road.
How to Replace Motorcycle Hand Grips this is an easy fix if you know the secret but very annoying if you don’t.

If your bike has seen some hard use, or if you plan on changing the handlebars, you’ll need to know how to do this.
* Remove the old grips, if necessary cut them off with a knife.
* If you have replaced the entire handlebar, make it a point that the shift levers and brake levers are properly in place on the handlebars before installing the new grips.
* Spray a generous amount of hairspray inside one of the new grips. Slide it into place on the bar.
* Repeat step 3 for the other grip.
* Allow the hairspray to dry for several minutes and the new grips will stay in place.

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While thinking of buying a bike its hard not to think of Harley Davidson. Mostly every bike enthusiast has a Harley Davidson on Top of his wish list.
But Do you get what you pay for?
I was wondering if Harley’s are worth the difference in price, or do we just pay for the name?
Though buying name is not cool enough a reason, to pay such a huge amount.
More reasons clear my doubts, like

* Motorcycles come in many different styles and it is important to match the bike to your riding style and expectations.
* Harley Davidson is known more for their cruiser and custom style bikes than for sport bikes, even though the Sportster falls under the sport bike category to some degree.
* The riding style is important since this will directly effect the riding experience.
* If taking long road trips then buying a sport bike isn’t the best choice.
* Avoid making the mistake of buying a motorcycle that is beyond the riding ability.
* Buying a motorcycle that is too big or advanced will either end up as a discouraged rider or worse to an injury.
* while selecting a motorcycle look for skill, maneuver and managing ability of the rider.
* Harley manufactures good bikes and their parts are also easy available.
* A “true” cruiser created by America with a history behind it.
* A good point for American Patriots and all the profits to stay in America too.
Though you pay a bit more its joy and pride is every bit worth Harley Davidson bike.

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While beginning to drive the motorcycle you might tip over just like we do when we start to ride the bicycle. Riding the motorcycle for first time than begin with a small bike for your safety and balance. Taking time to ride a bike is wiser and worth the effort as it acts as a catalyst in avoiding accidents.

Tips for Safe Driving Of Motorcycles are listed below:

1. Over Confidence is the easiest acquired attitude after driving motorcycle for a very short time. Please pay attention while driving and don’t think about all the problems or day dream while on motorcycle.

2. Being extremely vigilant and looking out for other vehicles is the best way to drive safely.

3. Pay attention to road condition and weather too.

4. Car and Truck Drivers often tend to ignore motorcycle drivers so motorcycle driver needs to be extra careful while driving and looking for unfavourable signs of this heavy vehicles.

5. Wearing proper protective gear and specially helmets protects the motorcycle riders to a large extent, so buy a good quality helmet and wear it.

6. Look out for a motorcycle safety course for beginners and develop the safe riding skills.

For More Information Click HERE.

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Most of the Motorcycle Enthusiasts like to go away on a long ride or a long road trip. Invariably such a trip requires lots of planning and preparation

Let us make a list of things to be done before your motorcycle adventure begins:
1. Road map in folds or an mobile with Internet connected will be helpful for navigation.

2. Motorcycle Tool bag or a kit with simple tools cable ties, screwdrivers, pliers, a couple of standard size wrenches, and a repair manual may save the day in case of a problem.
3. Extra Pair of clothes and a rain coat on top for emergency can save lot of trouble.
4. Light Snacks for the road like road-nuts, dried fruit, power bars, granola bars, water, and a couple candy bars would be enough to satisfy the sudden hunger pangs if you are away from motels.
5. A couple of essential items you need personally could be included on your list.

Packing the luggage on the motorcycle in a well balanced way will save a lot of energy and provide much needed safety for a well-balanced, relaxing ride to enjoy the wonderful trip on the road.

For More Information on motorcycle and motorcycle parts from branded manufactures click HERE.

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A sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material. It is distinguished from a gear in that sprockets are never meshed together directly, and from a pulley by not usually having a flange at each side.

Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tanks, and other machinery either to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc.

splined shaft

splined shaft

If you are restoring on an old Harley motorcycle engine,check out these Superior engine sprockets designed for your Harley restoration project.

taper shaft

taper shaft

The two types of  tapered and splined sprockets for your Harley Big Twins, Knucklehead, Panhead, or Shovelhead.

Learn more on motorcycle parts and accessories to customize your vintage motorcycle here.

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As fuel prices are raising day-by-day it has become a cause of worry to financial needs. As a biker you can contribute in saving fuel and fuel resources. Just you have to follow few rules while driving your motorcycle. Here are some tips to increase fuel efficiency of your motorcycle.

Disciplined driving and maintenance habits are needed to maximize motorcycle fuel efficiency.


  • Try to avoid traffic, know your route before you start for your destination.
  • Try to keep constant speed of your motorcycle on long runs.
  • To avoid air resistance keep the wind shield of your helmet closed and wear tight fitting clothes, so that air will not resist your speed.
  • Maintenance of your motorcycle, one of the important factors to increase fuel efficiency.
  • Check tyre pressures on a regular basis. You may find it abstract but it’s a very important factor.
  • Avoid jackrabbit starts. Resist the temptation to accelerate quickly.
  • Avoid revving the throttle while stopped, many motorcyclist enjoy it but that burns fuel for no reason.
  • If possible try to minimize the number of times that you must shift gears.

That is all you have to do…

As mentioned above maintenance is a very important factor in increasing fuel efficiency, maintain your motorcycle and use genuine and original spares. Learn more..

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