Motorcycle Parking

For parallel parking at a curb, back into the curb so that your rear tire is touching the curb. If the street is on a hill, you may have to use a rather extreme angle to get your bike stable on the side stand. In most cities, there’s an ordinance that says your motorcycle has to have one tire touching the curb to be legally parked. If you drive in and park with your front wheel touching, you’re going to have to back your motorcycle out of the space up hill, as almost all streets are crowned. If you have a large heavy bike like a Harley, you’re only going to make this mistake once.

* If you’re using your side stand, turn the handlebars to the left for added stability.
* Lock your forks for security.
* Leave the motorcycle in first gear for extra stability, particularly if on a hill.
* Park in a clean well-lighted public place.
* Use non-branded motorcycle covers – no sense advertising your $$$ bike.
* Use a high-quality lock and chain; secure it through the frame instead of the wheels, and run the other end around something very tall and heavy, like a tree or a street light.
* The feet on side and center stands can sink onto soft surfaces like hot asphalt or sand causing your motorcycle to tip over. If this is a concern, put something under the stand like a crushed aluminum can or a flat rock.

To find out more on Classic motorcycles, visit here.

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Using your Motorcycle's Brakes

Using your Motorcycle's Brakes

­When a motorcycle experiences a rapid deceleration, weight shifts to the front wheel. This makes the back of the bike lighter and can result in the rear wheel locking up and skidding. In this situation, riders should simply keep the rear brake applied and focus their eyes on the horizon where they want the bike to go. The bike will continue to skid, but in a controllable manner with little fishtailing.

When the front wheel locks up, riders should ease off the front brake. If they don’t, the front wheel can tuck under the bike, causing a fall. The best way to avoid a front lockup is to use a technique called “staged braking.” In staged braking, the rider progresses through four stages, with each stage corresponding to a greater amount of pressure applied to the front brake:

  • Stage one has the rider applying the brake just to the point where there is the slightest friction between the brake pads and disc.
  • In stage-two braking, the rider progresses to stage one, then continues to apply a steadier force.
  • brake-parts


  • By stage three, which is usually reserved for emergencies that require rapid deceleration, the rider bears down on the brake as hard as possible, but only after progressing through the other stages.

This kind of progressive braking will serve motorcyclists in all driving situations and will usually prevent a front lockup.

For more information on motorcycles for safety driving, visit us here.

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Safety Awareness Month is about to end, Hope you all have enjoyed the blossom of awareness. Here is the quick review of our awareness program.

In this Safety month don’t go crazy in riding your beast. Bike are made for you, ride it with your safety gears, check more about stylish safety gears.

Also a very cool animation explaining the use of these safety gears.

Riding is not all about Balancing on wheels, it shows how comfort level with brakes. For newbie rider we have a short guide on Braking Safety. And a General Safety tips for all Biker.

Rest of all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going through various Motorcycle Safety Programs, just check the slide

We at Superior MC Supply are Trying our best to Spread the blossom of awareness our Twitter and this blog.

Let me know what do you think of it?

Feel free to share how you spread the safety awareness ?

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We bikers are a passionate lot and generally portrayed by media as rude ruthless and irresponsible community but hey we all know we love bikes and we love our lives as well. We are showing this by the way of having this month as the motorcycle safety month . We have organizations like motorcycle safety foundation which provides novices with the bike riding course . We at superiormcsupply encourage our bike passionate & ride loving customers to be safe and help others be safe. Not that all of you need to take up a motorcycle riding course but still it does a lot of good to our and other peoples lives if we just manage to follow some simple and effective norms while riding. We request you to keep the following simple suggestions in mind while driving.
Motorcycle Riders safety Tips :-

1.Be Aware and keep your eyes open and Use safety mirrors to see whats happening around you.
2.Don’t distract

being safe with safety gadgets

yourself while riding by talking on the cellphones. Instead communicate to the others on road by using proper signals on turns etc.
3. Be Visible. Use headlights in the twilight or night times. Dress appropriately so that you can be better visible to others during rains dusk and night.
4.Follow the speed limits prescribed .

5.Never drive when you are drunk. You endanger not only your life but also others.
6.Keep learning , refresh your skills by taking more lessons in driving.

7.Keep learning more about howto best maintain your motorcycle so that it delivers best performance and good riding joy.

8.When riding with your uddies keep safe distance and enough space between the bikes. Be sure you don’t use up the full lane.

9.Keep and open eye for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice, or debris. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.

10.Last but not the least ALWAYS wear protective gear (lot of damage can be avoided if you do that).

Be safe and Enjoy riding

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When it comes to riding control and safety good brakes and effective braking is always a necessity. Here is some good information regarding effective braking compiled from our years of experience as well as other resources.

1. Braking is a learned skill and can become better with experience and judgment. One needs a certain amount of practice to be really effective in good bike ride and brake control.

2.Around 60 -80% of the speed reduction and stopping comes from the front brakes. Of course factors like road conditions etc also do matter. Front brake is important because the max weight is transferred on them when you suddenly apply the brake. This pushes the front wheel against the road and tire should grip well with the ground giving us the stoppage.

3.As the front wheel gets the most weight while breaking, the rear wheel tends to go light and hence can skid.So one needs to be careful about it. Do a little practice and one can manage to avoid the skid.

4.Try to apply brakes in a staged manner. Just applying both the brakes at the same time up to friction point really cannot get you best of the result out of the either of them.

5.Avoid applying the brake right up to the friction point to avert the front wheel lock. Concentrate a little and you will know when to release the brake just before the front wheel lock and simultaneously apply the rear wheel brake and 80% of the speed is reduced.

6.Use original and good quality branded spare parts to avoid malfunction.

At Superior Mc Supply we are committed to provide you all the tools tool kits and brake spares from brake pads ,spring brake calipers,drum brake rear wheel hub assembly for all type of bikes from Harley bobbers choppers etc to take care of the safety need of the rider.

THIS POST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY US AS A PART OF ONGOING MOTORCYCLE SAFETY MONTH. To know more about riding safety please see our cool flash visual presentation on riding safety. And as a part of your bit in spreading awareness please share this presentation with others too.

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Everyday you will find new and more powerful motorcycles hitting the roads. More POWER and more STYLE. When you are riding a 500cc motorcycle what u want to do….just GOoooooooo crazy with the speed. That is what these motorcycle are made for, you just cant control yourself.

But, driving today is not what it used to be. The roads are more crowded with traffic, and everyone seems to be in so much of a hurry to reach their destination. So safety is something which is and should be the top most priority.

When you spend so much on your motorcycle why not a little on safety gears. If you think that these gears are cumbersome, awkward, and intrusive, it’s also the only thing that will protect you from the road in an accident.

But its not that today you will find many stylish gears as well. Just have a look…

Motorcycle Safety Gears

Motorcycle Safety Gears

In About.Com the use of these safety gears are explained in a very nice manner..
Even at low speeds, helmets protect riders from potentially fatal injuries. Though they’re optional in many states, a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmet is the most basic way to protect yourself on a motorcycle. Avoid half-helmets and “brain buckets” which are built primarily for looks, not functionality; buy a well constructed helmet from a reputable manufacturer.

It’s a basic human reflex to break one’s fall by extending the arms, and the hands usually suffer considerable damage when a rider is thrown off his or her bike. Protect your palms, knuckles, and fingers with sturdily constructed, well-padded gloves, preferable gauntlet style ones that extend past the wrist.

Boots are important not only for crash protection, but also because they provide a way to grip the motorcycle and stay securely mounted while shifting and braking. Buy a solid pair of motorcycle boots, and they might actually outlast your bike.
These are of course important things as far as safety is concerned, but there are few more important things which can add to your motorcycle safe driving.

Proper driving training.
Know the traffic rules and more over follow them.
Get licensed.
And Drive safely…..

We really care for your safety:”Happy Motorcycle Safety Month” Superior MC supply

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