K&N Oil Filter

Maintenance of your motorcycle is simple. Drain the oil while it is still hot , remove the filter and replace with a new recommended filter. Its always better to make sure your motorcycle stays fast by replacing the oil filter at regular intervals. Use a quality oil filter for your motorcycle and you can expect many years of great service. Changing the oil and oil filter are simple maintenance procedures that pay back huge dividends.

Here is a detail specification for K&N Oil Filters for most models.

# Built-in hex nut for easy installation and removal
# Nut is drilled for racing applications where safety wire is required
# Synthetic blend filter media catches more contaminants without overly restricting flow
# Fully compatible with synthetic oil
# Manufactured to QS 9000 standards

# Black, 3 1/2″ long, 3/4-16 thread
# Fits Twin Cam models 1999/Later
# Replaces HD# 63731-99
# (Imported)

Image Credit : http://www.knfilters.com

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An oil filter is a filter that removes contaminants from the engine oil. When we are talking about a Motorcycle the main use of the oil filter is in internal-combustion engines.  Many companies are into the manufacturing of Oil Filters.  K & N is one of them and I think the best.

Originally developed for demanding auto race applications, their premium automotive oil filter is rapidly becoming a favorite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. They came up with changed oil filters as several of their product development technicians are sportsman class drag racers. An oil filter that corrected the “headaches” they experienced over the years changing oil filters.

Types of Oil Filters:

1. Heavy-Duty Construction for Extreme Conditions:

To fulfill the demand of racers,  these oil filters have many features over and above the requirements of most vehicles. The heavy-duty construction will withstand higher oil pressures found only in racing environments without bursting. This extra engineering offers peace of mind for consumers who want only the best.

2. Canister Type Oil Filters:

  • Drilled safety wire holes for racing in canister oil filters.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Anti-drainback valve eliminates dry starts.
  • Rolled threads provide extra protection against stripping.

3. High-Flow Rate

High filter flow rates are important in racing vehicles where heavier grade oil is used and the oil is pumped much faster than in a standard vehicle.


  • K & N Oil Filters use a cellulose media bound by phenolic resin surrounding a metal inner core that provides structural strength to reduce the risk of filter collapse.
  • Oil filters include an anti-drainback valve, when applicable, that prevents oil from draining back into the crankcase during engine shutdown.
  • Uses rolled threads to help prevent stripping during installation or removal and an internally lubricated gasket provides a positive seal even after the filter has been removed and reinstalled.

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