DNA Softail Shocks have superb damping and are fully flexible. Enjoy the sale offer on latest in the box Chrome Adjustable Softails 1″ up Shocks for your custom bike. Replace your exhausted lowering shocks or lower your custom bike ride with a whole new look. These fully chromed shocks adjust from stock to 2″ Down. They fit to all Softail models. A superior deal at a best price.

DNA Softail Shocks

DNA Softail Shocks

Chrome Adjustable 1″ Up & 2″ Down Softail Nitro Gas Shocks (Set)
• Fits ’99 and Below
• Fits all Softail models
• Triple Show Chrome Plated

About DNA:
DNA Specialties is a proud manufacturer of Quality Aftermarket Parts and Accessories in the motorcycle Industry. These unique custom parts are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. Whether you are modifying a stock Harley or Building a full blown Custom chopper/bobber, here at DNA there is something for everyone.

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Vintage Shocks

Want the perfect look for your 1970’s motorcycle? Get these Redwing Shocks. These NOS shocks just waiting to get out of the box and look great on your old Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Norton, BSA, or Harley Aermacchi.

Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki
Honda Shocks Yamaha Shocks Kawasaki Shocks Suzuki Shocks
Triumph Harley Norton BSA
Triumph Shocks Harley Shocks Norton Shocks BSA Shocks
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Vintage Shock Absorbers
Motorcycle shocks and motorcycle suspension are commonly used names for mechanical device that help to absorb changes in the surface. It is a mechanical device responsible for smooth out a sudden shock impulses. Shocks are made up of oil pumps & piston, Its an important part of any motorcycle.

Now its time for the perfect look for your customized motorcycle? Get these Redwing shocks to help improve the handling experience of all motorcycles.

Shocks Absorber Available For

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