Change your motorcycle headlights and give your custom motorcycle a total new life. Your lights are the first thing a person sees when you drive up, and the last thing they see when you drive away, so get lights with the great style and functionality from DNA Speciality.

DNA Headlights

Headlights from DNA Specialty are easy to install on any make of motorcycle, including your own custom built chopper or bobber. Triple chrome plated, high shine lamps, in the most popular styles. If you are building a custom cycle or would like an excellent motorcycle accessory that provides great looks and functionality than the DNA Headlights is perfect choice for you.

DNA Custom Headlights are the perfect accessory for any Custom Motorcycle. Head Lamps are triple Chrome Platted making it an excellent compliment to the front of your custom motorcycle.



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<td><img title=”Honda” src=”″ alt=”Chopper Headlight 5 3/4″” width=”110″ height=”80″ /></td>
<td><img title=”Yamaha” src=”″ alt=”Tribar Headlight 4 1/2″” width=”110″ height=”80″ /></td>
<td><img title=”Kawasaki” src=”″ alt=”Tribar Headlight 5 3/4″” width=”110″ height=”80″ /></td>

DNA offers two different style variations of head lamps :

# 5 -3/4 Headlight also known as the “Chopper” is our most popular lamp for the DNA Springer Front End.

# Tri bar headlamps.

DNA manufactured two different sizes of tri bar headlamps :

# 4-1/2”

# 5-3/4”.

DNA Tri bar Head Lights are triple chrome plated, include a base mounting tab, and have a tri bar with a crystal clear lens. These head lights are super bright for bight time rides and look unbelievable.

DNA Headlights may be installed on any motorcycle with minimal work. We have used these lights on Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Norton, BSA, BMW and Custom Trikes as well. DNA Tri Bar Headlights compare to the most expensive headlights in the motorcycle industry and possibly out-function some of the other brands as well. Think style when purchasing your cycle headlight it’s the first thing a person sees when you’re driving up the road.

About DNA :

DNA Specialties is a proud manufacturer of Quality Aftermarket Parts and Accessories in the motorcycle Industry. These unique custom parts are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. Whether you are modifying a stock Harley or Building a full blown Custom chopper/bobber, here at DNA there is something for everyone.

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