Karata - Piranha Clutch

Karata - Piranha Clutch

The PIRANHA KLUTCH from KARATA is the solution for high-horsepower and big engines used in today’s radical custom bikes. It chews up all other clutches. More than 1.000″ clutch stack height and more friction material than any other clutch on the market.

It can handle any of the big engines on the market. Mild custom bikes & stock bikes can benefit from the state-of-the-art PIRANHA KLUTCH design which delivers smooth, consistent shifts every time. There are two versions. The massive 26-plate PIRANHA and the tough 16-plate PIRANHA JR.

For bikes with engines over 120-cubic inches, with or without turbos, superchargers or nitrous, the severe-duty PIRANHA is the ultimate clutch that bites back against slippage and delivers horsepower straight into the ground.

The PIRANHA JR. is recommended for motorcycles with engines smaller than 120-inches.

All Complete Piranha Klutches include the following:

* Billet Aluminum Pressure Head with knurled Steel Insert and adjustment screw & nut
* Steel Locator Hub, 30-tooth
* Complete Klutch Pack [13 kevlar/ 13 steel -Piranha, 8 Kevlar / 8 steel -Jr.]
* 18 springs [6 each - gold 60 lbs, green 85 lbs. & red 100 lbs.]
* Inner Klutch Hub
* Heavy Duty Snap Ring

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