Forward Controls for your comfort
Motorcycle enthusiasts make many aftermarket additions to the motorcycle and one of them is forward controls. Forward controls place the foot controls at the front of the bike. Only the position changes of the rider while the distance between foot peg and controls remains the same. It is not a compulsion to install forward controls but it allows to enhance long-distance riding by allowing the leg to stretch out. The benefit of installing forward controls is that there is less stiffness from the unnatural position. Forward controls improves the fit for the rider who doesn’t fit in a comfortable position on a motorcycle and may find that the new position is an improvement.

DNA Forward Controls
There are three great styles of Custom Forward Controls for Motorcycle available for sale. Elite Forward Controls provide great looks and functionality with a bigger pedal for the braking side. Spike Elite Controls are excellent for that mean look, typically used on choppers and bobbers. Smooth controls are more traditional in looks, although provide a stock machine with great looks and functionality as an accessory goes.

DNA Forward Controls

DNA Forward Controls

When purchasing a set of Custom Billet Forward Controls be sure not to forget a set of chrome mounting hardware for a perfect finishing touch. DNA also offers excellent chrome billet accessories such as Shifter Rods or Linkages, Chrome Billet n Spoke Wheels, as well as Excellent wide glide billet or Springer Front Ends. Fetch the sale opportunity on DNA controls and give outstanding look to your motorcycle forward controls.

About DNA
DNA Specialties is a proud manufacturer of Quality Aftermarket Parts and Accessories in the motorcycle Industry. These unique custom parts are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. Whether you are modifying a stock Harley or Building a full blown Custom chopper/bobber, here at DNA there is something for everyone.

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