Looking for Spoke wheels Rim  Harley has the best to offer

* Triple Chrome Plated Rim & Hub

* Stainless Smooth or Diamond Cut Spokes (Please Specify in Notes)

* 21 x 3 Front & 16 x 3.5 Rear Gold & Black Smooth 52 Fat Spoke Wheel Package

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* DNA Custom Headlights are the most appropriate accessory for any Custom Motorcycle.
* An exceptionally complimenting front of your custom motorcycle this head lamps are triple Chrome Platted.
* DNA offers two different style variations of head lamps, the “Chopper” DNA Springer Front End and “Tri bar” headlamps.
* DNA is personified with a crystal clear lens. These head lights are super bright for night time rides.
* DNA Headlights are installed on any motorcycle with minimal work.
* We have used these lights on Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Norton, BSA, BMW and Custom Trikes as well.

Think style and functionality when purchasing your cycle headlight and you will end up buying DNA Headlights.

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Well, today’s motorcycle come with very high reliability which may leave you with no clue, how to maintain or repair it. But even your best motorcycle need some basic maintenance for safety and good performance.



Here is 5 basic tips to maintain your motorcycle:

  1. Breaks:Make sure your bike’s brake fluid reservoirs are checked regularly. To increase performance of the breaks, you can install new braided steel brake lines instead of the stock ones.
  2. Tires: Keep your tires correctly inflated and check the pressure regularly. Get a pencil-type tire gauge and use it regularly until you instinctively ‘know’ what your tires feel like when correctly inflated.
  3. Final Drive: what transfers the power from the transmission to the rear wheel is essential to the well being of your bike and can be very expensive if not maintain properly.

    bike maintenance and repair

    bike maintenance and repair

  4. Oil: Change your oil every 10k miles. Clean fresh oil makes the engine last for a long time. Check and keep your oil level close to maximum level all the time.
  5. Battery: about once a month, make sure the battery is charged to 100%. A motorcycle battery will loose 1% of its charge even if the bike just stands in your garage.

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If you know how to change your brake calipers of your classic vintage motorcycle, it can save your time as well as your of money. Since these are an integral part of your brake system, so they even need to be handled well.



  • First of all the very needed step while changing or repairing brake of any motorcycle is that loosening the lug nuts of the tires and then removing it.
  • Remove the tires and keep them aside to work on the brake system properly.
  • Now locate the bolts that connects the brake caliper to the brake hose and remove these bolts. Locate the bolts attaching the wheel assembly and remove them.
  • Strip the brake caliper to be changed of its mounting components.This includes the rubber boots and the bolts and sliders of the original brake caliper. Examine these components to make sure they are not rusted, warped, torn or damaged in any way.
  • Apply lubricants to mounting components.



  • Compress the caliper piston.Replace the brake caliper on the end of the brake hose. Leave the connection loose.
  • Place brake pads on the new brake caliper, and then lubricate the caliper bolts and reattach the caliper to the wheel assembly.
  • Refill your brake fluid.Replace the tire and fasten the lug nuts onto the mounts. Head to the other side of the car and repeat the same process. Once you are done, test the brakes for yourself and then take the motorcycle for a very slow test drive.

To know more about brake calipers, just visit here.

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