Have a seasonal motorcycle (or vehicle)? Get a Braille Battery Switch and you’ll no long have to get out the tools to disconnect your battery for winter storage. Just hit the switch and this little piece of technology will stop your battery from losing power; but just hit the switch again and you can crank up your motorcycle (or vehicle) and be on the road again. Braille Power Protector stops dead batteries

Braille  Battery Switches

Braille Battery Switches

About Braille Batteries:
Braille Batteries was founded with the goal of making the lightest, toughest, most reliable batteries in the Motorcycle (or Auto) industry. Their constant innovation means great batteries and accessories for demanding customers.

If you want a high quality, light-weight battery that can take what you can dish out, Braille No-Weight Batteries are the answer for you. And don’t forget to check out their great accessories like the battery chargers and switches. These aren’t your ordinary battery accessories, and their features are sure to impress.

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