Braille battery electronic chargers do more than just charge your batteries. A built in LED indication lets you know your charging status, and trouble shoot bad batteries. They also feature reverse polarity protection that will prevent the charger from turning on if it is hooked up incorrectly. Is your battery difficult to access? Then you’ll love the quick connect leads that can be left attached to the battery and quickly connected to the charger when you need it.

The Braille Electronic Battery Charger is a safe reliable way to extend the life of your Braille Battery or any 12 volt battery in your house or shop. The Braille Battery Charger will not void the Braille Battery warranty and is safe for long term storage use.

Braille Battery Electronic Charger

Braille Battery Electronic Charger

Charger Features:
• Aligator Style Clips for easy use with any 12 volt battery
• Easy to use and set up Single LED system for charging status updates
• Reverse Polarity Protection – “idiot proof”
• Will Not Void Braille Battery Warranty!
• Safe for Dry Cell, AGM, Gel and Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

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