High performance battery cables by Tech Cycle. Made from 4 gauge Pro-Flex material, in the same high quality you expect from all Tech Cycle products. Tech Cycle Performance Products, Inc. is a pioneer in the motorcycle components field. All their products represent Tech Cycle’s superior innovation and quality. Their high performance gear reduction Tornado Starters are recognized as the the best in the motorcycle industry. Their motorcycle starter solutions are of the highest quality and should be considered for your custom chopper. Check out their impressive line of motorcycle solutions and find out for yourself why Tech Cycle is a leader in the motorcycle components industry.

Tech-Cycle Battery Cables

Tech-Cycle Battery Cables

Available in Lengths:
• 8″ Battery Cable
• 10″ Battery Cable
• 12″ Battery Cable
• 14″ Battery Cable
• 16″ Battery Cable
• 18″ Battery Cable
• 25″ Battery Cable

Available in 5 Colors:
• Clear
• Black
• Black Translucent Black
• Translucent Red
• Translucent Blue

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