Mid-USA has tons of handlebars so you get exactly the look you want. We have Ape Hangers, Z style, Drag Bars, Highnoon, Buckhorn, and many, many more styles. Most of them are available in different variations so you get the perfect shape and rise. Some are for custom use, and others designed to fit your current Harley Big Twin or Sportster.

Mid-USA Handlebars

Mid-USA Handlebars

Mid-USA Handlebars Available:

Ape Hanger Handlebars For Custom Use

Handlebars For Custom Use:
- Z Style
- Z Bar
- Drag Bar
- Highnoon
- Rodeo
- Mustang
- Zz Top
- Tomahawk
- Low Buckhorn
- Medium Buckhorn

Handlebars For All Models
- Xlx Style
- Bad Boy Style Springer
- Bad Boy Style 1982/Later
- Bstreched Bad Boy Style 1982/Later
- Heritage Style 1982/Later
- Heritage Style 1982/Later
- Glide Style Springer
- Glide Style Non Dimpled
- Glide Style 1982/Later
- Heritage Style 997/2004
- Flh Style 1982/Later
- Fat Boy Style Non Dimpled
- Drag Bar 1982/Later
- Low Rise Drag Bar 1982/Later

About Mid-USA:
Mid-USA motorcycle parts are only available through an authorized Mid-USA dealer. Their exclusive product lines: HARDBODY®, V-FACTOR®, POWER HOUSE®, POWER HOUSE PLUS®, and AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE HARDWARE® are known for quality craftsmanship.
Mid-USAs products are divided into 10 sections: Electrical, Frame, Front End, Control, Wheel, Engine, Drive Train, Fuel, Exhaust, and General. Mid-USA is a trusted name in motor parts and we are proud to be able to offer them to you.

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