The basic aim of a carburetor is to properly mix the right quantum of petrol with air so that the engine can run smoothly. In some cases fuel is not mixed up with the air, then either bike will not run or potentially damage your engine. And in other case too much fuel get mixed with the air, then either bike will leak the gasoline or runs poorly and very smoky. So, it’s very essential to have quality carburetor and parts to save gasoline and motorcycle.

Motorcycle Carburetor

Motorcycle Carburetor

Superior MC Supply’s Motorcycle Carburetor Section contains:

Rebuild Kits: Harley Keihin and Bendix carburetor rebuild kits. These rebuild kits include all the internal parts and gaskets you need for a total rebuild. Keihin and Bendix carburetors were used on Harley Big Twins from 1970s through the late 1980s. These kits are great for restoration projects, or just to have on hand for spare parts.

Intake Manifold Seals: Intake Manifold Seals for Harley engines. These seals are great for just to have on hand for spare parts.

Intake Manifold Clamps: Intake Manifold Clamps for Harley engines. Get the strap type clamp you need to fit Harley Panhead, Shovelhead, or Evolution engine intake manifolds.

Throttle Cable Bracket: Replacement carburetor throttle cable brackets for Harley big Twins. Smooth chrome plated for efficient routing of the throttle cable.

Choke Cable: Replacement Choke Cable and Knob for Harley Big Twin engines. The Shovelhead choke cable is 12” long and can be adapted to fit 1967 and later engines with motor mounted choke control.

Linkert Throttle Shafts: Replacement Throttle Shafts and Bushings for Linkert Carburetors used on Harley 45’s, early Knuckleheads, and American Indians. Some of these are Genuine Harley Surplus, look for it in the product description. Linkert Carburetors were used on Harley Big Twins prior to 1966.

Linkert Carb Float: Brass Float for Linkert Cerburetors used in vintage Harley and American Indian motorcycles. These are for Harleys and American Indians 1933-1965. The float is soldered brass and fits most models of Linkert Carbs.

O-Rings for Bendix/Keihin: Replacement O-Rings for Bendix and Keihin Carburetors used on 1970s Harley Big Twins. The Keihin Carburetor O-Ring fits the carb float bowl on 1976-1978 models. The Bendix Carburetor O-Ring Fits carb bowl bottom on 1971-1975 V-Twins.

Bendix Dust Boot: Bendix Carburetor Dust Boot Accelerator Pump. Used on all models of motorcycles using a Bendix Carburetor.

Springs for Harleys: Springs for Linkert, Bendix, and Tillotson Carburetors used on Harley engines. Throttle shaft, choke lever, inlet valve, adjustment screw, and float lever springs. Carburetors need a lot of springs and we have lots of replacement springs for your carburetor here. For Harley Big Twins and American Indians from 1926 through the late 1970s.

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