Everyone wants to build a a whole new and unique look when modifying a bike and one of the first things you can do is change your wheels. Also, the right type of wheels will make your ride smoother. High quality wheels with great styles from Mid-USA. There are many Forged Billet Aluminum and Hardbody Cast Aluminum options to choose from. From simple spoke styles to modern designs there is a look for you. Several styles are also available for Wide Tire applications. Make a wise decision and get the most perfect wheels for your motorcycle.

Mid-USA Motorcycle Wheels

Mid-USA Motorcycle Wheels

Mid-USA Wheels and Tires available:
• Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels For Custom Use – Polished Front Recluse Style
• Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels For Custom Use – Chrome Rear Thunder Style
• Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels For Custom Use – Chrome Rear Redneck Style
• Rear Belt Pulleys For Big Twin – Blade Style, Chrome, 65 Tooth
• Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels For Wide Tire Applications – Wizard, Left Drive Side
• Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels For Big Twin & Sportster – Chrome Plated Rear 5N-Dime 16″ X 3.5″
• Cobra Radial Rear Tires – 180/55R18 Size
• Kings Tires – Front Tire, 90/90H21 Size
• Roadrunner Tires – Am 20 Front 90/90H19
• Storm St Radial Tires – Rear 180/55Z17 Size

And many more..

Mid-USA Motorcycle Tires

Mid-USA Motorcycle Tires

About Mid-USA:
Mid-USA motorcycle parts are only available through an authorized Mid-USA dealer. Their exclusive product lines: HARDBODY®, V-FACTOR®, POWER HOUSE®, POWER HOUSE PLUS®, and AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE HARDWARE® are known for quality craftsmanship.

Mid-USAs products are divided into 10 sections: Electrical, Frame, Front End, Control, Wheel, Engine, Drive Train, Fuel, Exhaust, and General. Mid-USA is a trusted name in motor parts and we are proud to be able to offer them to you. These pages are still under construction and our currently active sections are Electrical, Wheel and Control. Please check here for progress updates until we have Mid-USA’s full line of parts available online.

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