Superior Motorcycle Engine Parts
The Superior brand engine section consists of high quality components that will keep your motorcycle running for quite some time. This is very important because your motorcycle is quite the significant investment. Even if you have an existing engine within your motorcycle, it is crucial for you to know that Superior parts can help you take care of any and all engine troubles that may come your way.

Motorcycle Engine Parts

Motorcycle Engine Parts

Whether you are building, rebuilding, or fixing your motorcycle engine, there are many parts that are offered by Superior. You have valves, pushrods, tappets, cylinders, hydraulic lifter units, rockers, connecting rods, engine crank pins, sprocket shafts, pistons, pinion gear shifts, and so much more. All of these items are necessary to make your engine work the way it is supposed to work and it is very important that the parts are of a high quality.

Superior Motorcycle Engine Parts available at Superior MC Supply:
Valve Section
Hydraulic Lifter Unit
Connecting Rod Assembly
Connecting Rods
Engine Crank Pin
Sprocket Shaft
Pinion Gear Shaft

There is a debate going on about cylinder sleeving and cylinder plating. Which is better? The truth is that a proper fitting cylinder sleeve will perform just as well as cylinder plating and it is a very cost-effective method. You can literally give more life for the money, which is something that is very important. There is also the fact that you are able to get a lot of wear out of cylinder sleeving. Superior has high quality cylinder sleeving to make sure your motorcycle performs the way that it is supposed to or even better.

Another component worth talking about is valves. You have everything that you need for valves. You have your valveguides, valve guide gaskets, valve spring sets, valve keepers, valve stem seals, and individual valve springs. In other words, you have everything you need to have properly working valves on your motorcycle and you don’t have to worry about them wearing out prematurely.

Then there are the connecting rods that are made by Superior that are made with the highest Japanese quality. You might be replacing your original connecting rods, but you can expect that these will be much better than your originals. Besides, that is the point when you are replacing something. You want something that is going to be better than the original so that it will be years before you have to worry about finding a replacement.

With Superior engine parts, you can have yourself a high quality engine in no time. This is something that is absolutely priceless when you are trying to ensure that you have the best motorcycle on the road. Anytime that something goes wrong, you can rely on Superior to provide you with anything and everything that you need to make your engine work the way it is supposed to. As a matter of fact, with Superior parts, your motorcycle can exceed your expectations.

So whether it is bare connecting rods, engine crank pins, sprocket shafts, or fly wheels, Superior has got you covered. It is only fair that you can find high quality parts that will last for many years to come.

About Superior:
Superior Accessory Company has been specializing in Harley Parts since the 1930’s. Most parts in this Section are “New Old Stock”. Some are OEM Harley Surplus. Take advantage of Purchasing from our Superior Section. Once this stuff is gone it is Truly GONE!!!
Bikers around the globe can testify that Superior parts have helped to keep them on the road after all these years.

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