Raked Triple Tree

Chrome Billet Raked Triple Tree

Stretch the front end of your custom motorcycle with these DNA Chrome Billet Triple Tree sets. This custom triple tree will allow you to change the look of your front end without modifying the frame of your motorcycle. These one is the most preferred way to modify the look of custom motorcycles without sacrificing with structured frame of motorcycles. This chrome billet triple tree set will totally transform the look of your front end and bring change in your rake by 6 degrees. These trees install exactly the same way your stock trees install so installation. These trees are a totally new design and have the same fork clamping power as a stock triple tree.

DNA Specialties is a proud manufacturer of quality triple tree parts and accessories in the motorcycle Industry. These chrome billet smooth raked triple tree are crafted using high quality material and are brought to the public at very affordable prices. Whether you are modifying a stock Harley or Building a full blown custom chopper / bobber, here is DNA triple tree for enthusiasts.

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