Heat Insulating Wrap

It is consider that the original exhaust insulating wrap was developed over 14 years ago. It becomes possible to create more power and reduce under-hood temperatures using Exhaust Insulating Wrap. Wrapping headers maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density.
Many motorcycles have a problem with excessive heat. If yours is one of them, here’s a solution you may want to try. Exhaust Insulating Wrap withstands continuous heat up to 2000 F and contains no asbestos.

The material used for Exhaust Insulating Wrap is a fiberglass composition, not asbestos, and a 2-inch by 50-foot roll is more than enough for your bike. Use hose clamps to secure it at both ends. You see this stuff commonly now on custom choppers.

Exhaust Wrap Features

# Reduces under-hood temperatures up to 70%
# Withstands continuous heat up to 20000F
# Increases life of the engine and electronic components

    Exhaust Insulating Wrap For Header Pipes – Black Insulating Wrap

    # Exhaust Insulating Wrap not only helps to protect you from dangerous pipe burns, it also increases horsepower and fuel efficiency
    # Maintains hotter exhaust gases inside the pipe allowing them to exit faster due to decreased density
    # Withstands temperatures up to 20000F
    # To secure the insulating wrap, use the cut-to-length Snap Strap Clamp Kit
    # To protect the wrap and seal the pores, we recommend using our Hi-Heat Coating after installation
    # Cool It¨ Thermo Tec
    # Black Insulating Wrap
    # 2″ x 50′ Roll

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