Braille Battery

Braille Battery

Braille Batteries was founded with the goal of making the most reliable batteries in the Auto Industry. Their constant innovation means great batteries and accessories for performance minded drivers. The company states that they spend their time and effort working with engineers and drivers to enhance their battery performance for demanding customers. This means that if you’re a racer or an aspiring racer, Braille Racing Batteries are the answer for you.

The company does produce some of the lightest batteries in production today. Braille Battery specialize in a number of light-weight battery designs with modern features that other batteries do not have.

For better performance and durability here are the some recommended instruction for charging Battery.

# Charge it for 30 minutes at 15-20 amp hr rate and Let it sit for a few minutes.
# Charge battery for 30 minutes at 6 amp hr rate.
# Then again Charge it for 8-12 hrs at 1 -3 amp hr rate.

The battery should be charged to 12.6 volts or higher. At this point the battery should be completely refreshed and ready for use.

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