Hardtail Frame

Hard-tail motorcycle frames have been around a long time. Because of easy construction has made them the popular choice of chopper builders. Most “old school” builders refer it, as it boost the style and performance for chopper. The custom chopper was meant to be less expensive, light in weight and fast. The hard tail motorcycle frame is a single piece frame and because of this the rear motorcycle wheel assembly attaches directly to the frame, resulting rough riding.

Some of the facts about Rigid Frame or Hard Tail Frame

#  Hard Tail is relatively less expensive than Soft-tail.
#  Easy to construct Hard Tail custom motorcycles.
#  No additional frame assembly required.
#  Without rear suspension Hard Tail could result rougher ride, less passenger comfort and decreased handling.
#  Simple to assemble, maintain and looks like a “Old School”.
#  Not recommend for long distance cruising.

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