Tornado Starter

Tornado Starter

If you want to increase torque & performance of your motorcycle then Tornado Starters can be a best option to choose. High torque, gear reduction starters for early and late model, Sportster and Indian Harley motorcycles. Designed to start the biggest V twin engines with ease, Tornado starters feature high torque and low amperage requirement. Most models are also available in a compact size. These starters are available in natural or polished chrome finish.

It is divided into 4 categories.

1. Late Model Starters
2. Early Model Starters
3. Sportster Starters
4. Indian Starters

Some sailent features that make Tornado Starters outstand

1. Top Quality Bearings – All bearings in our starters are manufactured in the U.S. or Japan. You won’t find a Chinese or Taiwanese bearing in one of our starters like you will in many others.

2. High Quality Finish – They offer a polished, chrome dipped finish on their starters.

3. High Performance – Available in 1.4kW, 1.8kW, and 2.0kW sizes. Their Tornado starters provide superior starting power over your stock starter. Starting 150ci. engines is not a problem when you have a Tornado.

4. Availability – Their starters are always on our shelves, equating to less down time during an already short riding season.

5. 100% Tested – All Tornado starters are tested several times during the manufacturing process at Tech Cycle’s manufacturing facility before they are shipped. You will never receive a bad starter from their factory.

6. Full Warranty – They always stand behind their products, period.

Starting H-D style motorcycles is their specialty. From their direct replacement, high-torque Tornado starters to their Twister Open Primary Electric Start Kits, they have a system to start just about anything you can dream up.

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