Motorcycle Brakes

Motorcycle Brakes

Brakes are an apparatus used to slow or stop a moving vehicle.  Brakes are the device in your motorcycle which are responsible for slowing down or stopping your motorcycle when you are in speed, but there are still two parts for which you need to take care of from time to time, Tires and brakes. We are aware about the various types of brakes available in the market. It is important to be familiar with their working phenomena. Usage of brakes of any type will remain the same, to stop the vehicle.  The disc brake will also perform the same function. It will help to stop your bike instantly when you are in speed.

How does it work?

The brake disks are designed using a flat piece of metal and rigidly connected to the wheel. This brake rotor spins according to the wheel. When we apply the brake, the brake pad gets active and squeezes the brake disk. This results in a generation of friction which will stop or slow down the bike. Usage of disk brakes has increased now a days because the disk brake  gives us various advantages over a drum brake. Disk brake are better in heat dissipation than the drum brake because of the ventilated design of the disk. The disc brake provides more friction than the drum brake. Self cleaning is easier. Most importantly the disk brakes are able to tolerate water. This means you can expect a good braking system in the rainy season also.

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  1. Disc brakes have become more of a necessity it seems like as of late. If you use disc brakes does this mean there is no need for drum brakes?

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