Advice on how to store your motorcycle during winters so that it wakes up fresh next spring.

Lots of motorcycle shops make profit every spring from motorcycle owners, because they don’t take care while keeping their machines stored for the next season. Here are few tips on how to store your motorcycle during winter season so that it wakes up fresh next spring.

While you are completing these tasks, keep a to-do list so that you will be reminded before spring rolls around and it’s time to ride again.

1. Drain the Carburetor: The most important, and perhaps easiest, task to attend is to drain the fuel from the carburetor(s).For every motorcycle there will be different method to do so, just know it and get it done. But the best was is to run the motorcycle with the fuel knob turned off until the engine stops. Now it’s the sure that there is no fuel left in the carburetor.

2. Prevent Fuel-Tank Corrosion: During storage, unprotected fuel tanks rust, and when you start riding again, that rust finds its way into the carburetor. So the best way to prevent fuel tank from corrosion is to fill the fuel tank to its full capacity and add a fuel stabilizer to it.

3. Battery: A battery ignored all winter will usually die. The simplest way to ensure a happy off-season for your battery is to connect a Battery Minder or a Battery Tender to it. You don’t even need to remove it from the motorcycle unless it gets well below freezing where you store it or if your motorcycle has an electronic system which is constantly drain the battery.

4. Finish Care: Clean your motorcycle carefully before storing it. Dirt and dust hold moisture, that may lead to corrosive and will damage paint and metal. Apply wax to every painted part you can , fasteners and other small pieces can be coated with Vaseline. Exhaust pipes will rust out if moisture gather in them, so spraying something like Corrosion Proctectant

5. Coddle Your Engine: After the winter is over its better to drain the old oil — and the contaminants in it — now, before the acids and other evil compounds can work on your motorcycle engine. Take the motorcycle for a nice long ride in preparation, to get the oil hot, and drain it promptly upon your return. Change the filter, too.

6. Brakes: Brake fluid absorbs water, which is why it should be changed. This also applies to hydraulically operated clutches

7.Tires: Try to get your motorcycle blocked up off its wheels, which will prevent the tires from developing flat spots. A work stand is ideal for this. If you don’t get them off the floor, roll the motorcycle or rotate the tires every few weeks. Inflate the tires to or past their recommend maximum pressures.

8. Cover Up: Store your bike in a place that is dry and free of significant temperature swings. If you are storing your bike inside, use a breathable fabric cover, one that won’t trap moisture but still keeps dust off.

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