John, a North Texas biker here, telling you about his Solo Around Lake Arrowhead on 7-12-09. Its interesting to know somebody else’s experience if you are a motorcycle enthusiast and love the riding feel even alone.


Heading down one of the country roads en route to Lake Arrowhead..


He come up to his turn. John didn’t actually go to the State Park, only passed by it, he  didn’t have any money on me to pay the entrance fee.


Now he  got to the Lake Arrowhead Dam and got the oil derricks in the lake & Ms. Clone.


Ms. Clone sits on the South side of the spillway in the sun.


Crossing the Lake Arrowhead Dam…….


After about an 1 1/2 hrs later from the start of the ride & a little over 76 miles (the total length of the ride) he  turned onto his street and looked at his house. (at the end with the white garage door). He was anticipating the air conditioner because it was  HOT with the temperature showing 104 degrees. It was showing 94 when he  left.

To get all his riding experience, visit his blog.

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