Brake caliper is a very important part of your motorcycles braking system. Brake caliper manages the brake pads against the surface of the wheel rotor to stop or slowdown the motorcycle.

Motorcycle brake calipers might be smaller than the brake caliper on other automobiles, but they provide enough force of stopping power for the light weighted motorcycle. Light and effective brake calipers are designed for racing motorcycles.

Description Of Springer Brake Caliper:

The motorcycle brake caliper is same as a normal calipers but they specially design for bikes.The brake calipers are looks like U-shaped device having a single or more pistons on the both sides of the U. The brake pads are stay on top of the brake caliper’s piston and the rotor spins in between the channel of U-shape.


Working Of Springer Brake caliper:

Whenever we hit the brake, a high pressure hydraulic fluid applied on the brake pad which forces the piston in inword direction and this friction helps to stop your motorcycle.In simple words, it is a process done by brake caliper that squeeze against the rims to control the motorcycle’s speed.


When To Change Brake caliper:

when the wheel rotor do spin with hundreds of Rotation per minute, Huge amount of the heat is dissipated by the wheel rotor and Brake pads. but the brake caliper has to remain in such extreme condition.Due to this its the hydraulic brake fluid that leads to the demise of a brake caliper.

If its not changed Frequently, moisture in the fluid will begin to rust out the inside of your brake caliper, resulting in leaks and sticking pistons.In such case, the brake caliper will fail to do function properly. Significantly It will diminishing your motorcycles stopping ability.If you find such a problem, replace that brake caliper immediately with a new high-quality brake caliper.

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  1. Ive worked on Bimmers brofee and Ill believe 1K for a locked up caliper.- New Caliper, $300 (unless its a rebuilt one)- Rotors $150 (old one will be warped)- Pads $100 (whole new front set)If she took it to the dealership they will want to do full front pads and possibly replace both rotors. If the one rotor is warped and needs to be replaced and the other one is just about worn thin you really want to do both. If one rotor has significantly less mass than the other the car will pull to the side with the new rotor in heavy braking. + labor (and BMW charges nose-bleed labor rates)+ shop fees+ taxYeah, I can see $1000 for a locked up rotor.That sucks Tam!

  2. Yup, the professional reiapr instructor was/is on top of the situation, and I’d give it the works, as he states. Your car tends to sit a lot, if your hints at riding your bicycle are any indication, so your brakes take a lot of abuse in that regard. It’s pretty easy for the calipers to get sticky when a vehicle is driven infrequently.The brakes are the most important system on your car. Without them, you tend to crash into stuff. Besides, if you don’t be fix’n it, and happen to, ya know, die because of that, where’d all of us go for our snark fix? :)

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