Motorcycle history dates back a long ways to the “Springer” being one of the most recognizable Front Ends to have been outfitted onto a motorcycle. For years now many motorcycle manufactures fabricated and used the Springer front end on various different models and styles of cycles created. Adding a springer in the front of your bike adds that popular “old school” or retro look to the chopper.

Adding that perfect springer not only enhances the look of your bike’s front end, but it also keeps your bike stable; meaning that you can safely carry your journey on the countryside. Between 1960 and 1990, popular companies like Amen, Denvers Choppers, Harmon, D&D, and Paughco fabricated radical springers that were used on custom built choppers. But today we see the emergence of DNA Springer as a popular choice.

If you are building a custom Bobber, Chopper, or Harley Davidson Motorcycle then this is the Springer for you. These Front End’s fit stock Harley Models with little or no fabrication work needed. You may adapt a DNA Springer to a Metric or British Motorcycle by changing the neck cups to accept a one inch neck stem. You can also have a Springer Billet Four Piston Front Brake unit that delivers massive style and stopping power to the sprung front forks. The Springer Brake Caliper is a Bolt on accessory and a “Must Have” if you are using a DNA Springer.

You can visit our springer front end page for the availability of different sizes.

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  1. First of all there are a number of ways to build a bike. It will dpneed on what you mean by building. If you want to fabricate a one off tank or wheels it will be very difficult as you will need a lot of skill and equipment and time. If you mean build like in starting with a frame you buy than sitting down with different catalogs and picking the engine, trans and parts you want to fit the frame and than assembling it and than having it painted by someone. that you should be able to do with moderate mechanical skills and normal tools. It will still take longer than you figure though and cost quite a bit.

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